Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church is an association of churches established primarily on the principle that salvation is accomplished by two separate works of the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The first work of grace is repentance toward God, or asking for forgiveness of the sins that we have committed. The second work is the baptism of the Holy Ghost, or sanctification, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, eradicating the nature of sin.

    Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church has its roots in Methodism and in the Holiness Movement and subsequent revivals that began in the United States in the last half of the nineteenth century. In 1887 on Chincoteague Island, Virginia, a group of people was convinced that they, though living in a state of forgiveness before God, could not be saved without sanctification. Through reading the Bible and through prayer, they sought and obtained this second blessing of sanctification. They started to proclaim this message to others in their church and community. In 1892, they organized themselves into Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church. Through their evangelistic efforts, their message immediately spread to neighboring communities on the eastern shore of Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland. Others believed and were sanctified.

    Today, congregations of Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church are located primarily in the eastern and southern United States. The worship services in these congregations are punctuated with enthusiastic preaching, energetic singing, and heartfelt praying. We endeavor to reach out in love and fellowship to encourage everyone to know the Lord by the power of the Holy Ghost. We seek to strengthen one another in the faith. We encourage regular attendance and participation in our public worship. We encourage personal study of the Bible for salvation and successful living.

  June 2021  
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