Services at Christ's Sanctified Holy Church consist of preaching, personal testimonies, singing, and prayer. Each service begins with a song followed by a prayer. Services include a sermon and personal testimonies. Testimonies are a vital part of our service and are a time for members to express their joy and gratitude of how the Lord has worked in their lives. At the end of each service, time is reserved for prayer. This is a great opportunity for someone to seek the Lord for salvation or a great opportunity for someone to seek help for any other need.

Singing at Christ's Sanctified Holy Church is all performed acapella with each in attendance encouraged to participate.  This way of singing has been a tradition in our church since its humble beginnings in 'house meetings' over 100 years ago.  No singing will achieve its purpose, have such beauty and melody as when sung in its purest form and only when inspired by the Spirit of the Lord.

  July 2021  
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